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"Honor Our Allies" Signature Campaign

Mariusz "David" Dastych, a native of Poland, is a former Russian double agent who worked for the CIA during the Cold War to fight for democracy and against Communist/Soviet interests. He was imprisoned for helping America and only freed upon the fall of the Wall. It has been his dream for 21 years to clear his name in Poland and have the honor of his family's name restored.

Mr. Dastych risked all to fight in the name of freedom. Now in ailing health, we ask you to support him and all other intelligence-related Allies of the US who fight for truths and freedoms. These are the behind-the-scenes brave men and women who usually cannot be acknowledged. Let's fight now for David -- and all of those Allies who help America and the world's democracies - sending a message strong and clear to the World's leaders, and to the world's traitors like WikiLeaks, that we stand behind these people.

We, the undersigned, ask America, Poland and other Allies to clear Mariusz "David" Dastych's name as being that of a "criminal" for the work he did on behalf of freedom and democracy. We believe we should Honor Our Allies rather than leaving their work unrecognized and their reputations tarnished. In signing this, we also thank all other intelligence-related Allies who cannot be recognized at this time.
(Note: This list will be used for no other purpose than to request of pro-democracy leaders that we Honor Our Allies).

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By P.J. Wilcox - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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