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UNSEALED - Nuke Road
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Author - P.J. Wilcox

PJ Wilcox is an author focusing on international subterfuge and related military and covert operations. Previously, he was an entrepreneur involved with communications for mobile command posts in regions of high conflict. He worked around the World Bank, UN peacekeeping forces and heads of state, along with different intelligence communities and commercial businesses. PJ Wilcox's first book to be released, Unsealed: Islamabad, is a novel drawn from his experiences and contacts, with former double agent, David M. Dastych, as a Contributor and Advisor.

P.J. Wilcox

Unsealed - Advisors

David M. Dastych

Mr. Dastych was a veteran international journalist and a former Polish intelligence double agent (working for the CIA) who was an expert on nuclear proliferation. In the 70s and 80s, his dealings included steady contact with Soviet and other communist officials, diplomats, and intelligence operatives (the latter including operatives working in Arab and Middle East nations), as well as a liaison with Palestinian terrorist groups and Saddam Hussein's regime, among others. He was arrested by the Polish Communist Security Service in 1987 and sentenced to eight years in prison for collaborating with the CIA and allegedly Japanese intelligence. He was released after three years upon the fall of the communist regime. He thereafter remained active in tracking nuclear proliferation and black market trading around the Euro-Asia region through intelligence, military and mafia channels.

During his many years of intelligence work, Dastych survived at least two attempts on his life. After a suspicious fall off a cliff in France in 1994, he needed devices to help him walk. Two years later, his healthy, active son Olaf died mysteriously - in a matter of minutes - at the age of 24 while attending college in London. The cause of death was inconclusive.

Still, David Dastych was a regular contributor to international media and operated an international media agency in Warsaw serving foreign authors with translations and providing PR services until his death in September 2010. He was an inspiration to many and is greatly missed.

D. M. Dastych

Dr. Gary K. Busch

Dr. Busch, who speaks and reads twelve languages, has been an international strategic political and business consultant, academic, businessman, and international trade unionist for forty years with a specialty in Russian and African business and politics. Among others, he has advised multinational companies and governments including major oil companies, financial and legal institutions, and the governments of Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, and the Ivory Coast. Dr. Busch has also served in various capacities with major US and international trade organizations and unions, as well as United Nation's bodies.

On behalf of the UAW, he contributed as a speechwriter to Senator Robert F. Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and Senator Hubert Humphrey. He has authored seven books and fifty-eight specialist studies, and has hosted and executive-produced several extended PBS documentary series. In addition, he was formerly a Professor at the University of Hawaii and Director of its Center for Labor-Management Education. He is currently a Director at Scribe Strategies & Advisors (UK). Dr. Busch's latest book is titled Free-for-All: The Post-Soviet Transition of Russia.

Dr. Gary K. Busch
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