The Illicit Trades Shadowing Our World
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Illegal Trafficking: breaks new ground by spanning the realms of the “Top Ten” illegal trafficking markets in one compelling and comprehensive book. Readers are offered fascinating narratives of worldwide illegal trafficking rings – from arms and drug smuggling to human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, antiquities, piracy and more -- showing how most are interconnected in shadowy, circuitous circles that span the globe.

Trafficking begins with sophisticated schemes on the high seas to plunder, defraud, and take hostages. It looks at arms re-circulated from one war to the next – weapons pouring from one ravaged nation into the next poor, violence-wracked country to equip its strife. The book brings a face to the victims of human trafficking, – men, women and children forced into debt bondage and modern-day slavery, innocents uprooted. And it examines how illegal wildlife trafficking endangers not just animals but entire eco-systems in the circle of life.

But the book doesn’t stop there. It takes readers beyond and into shady worlds hard to imagine, like organ trafficking, which almost incomprehensibly is brought mainstream into the world’s best hospitals. It examines counterfeit pharmaceuticals, a multi-billion dollar global market that kills hundreds of thousands each year, fueled in origins by corporate conglomerates and capitalism. And then, among other illegal trades, it portrays trafficking in antiquities where the stakes are high, the networks wide, and the consequences profound, robbing countries not just of beautiful things -- but of their cultures and histories.

Trafficking: The Multi-Million Illicit Trades Shadowing Our World is a fascinating and spellbinding, behind-the-scenes journey into the gray trades jolting our world.