The Red Mole

CIA Double Agent: The True Story of an International Journalist Turned Spy
Coming Release

The Red Mole is the true, authorized biography of the precarious course of international journalist, Mariusz "David" Dastych who was a Cold War double agent -- Polish intelligence working for the CIA. In a warped twist of fate, in 1987, Dastych was arrested on trumped up charges of abetting Japanese intelligence and sent to a harsh, Soviet prison. He calculated that his only chance of survival was to admit that he'd been a CIA spy for over a decade so that he might be exchanged in a swap.

But before that came to pass, the Iron Curtain fell, and David was released under political amnesty. Before long, he was tracking the black market for nuclear weapons seeping through the seams of the former Soviet Union, posing as a facilitator for Mid-East terrorists including Saddam Hussein's regime and more. The Red Mole is the true story of Dastych's amazing life, a spellbinding story of courage, betrayals, honor -- and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Read the cover feature on Canada Free Press - Aug. 2010:
The Red Mole: Former Russian Double Agent/CIA Operative Reveals All in a World Exclusive