Anne Kazel-Wilcox and PJ Wilcox collaborate on hard-hitting exposes related to international subterfuge and military covert operations. Previously, when PJ was based in Washington DC he spearheaded a satellite communications (satcom) team, when such technology was in its infancy, following deployment of US foreign aid. His team worked with cutting-edge, suitcase-sized sat phones/telex/fax driven by car batteries or generators, allowing communications from anywhere in the world, appealing to heads of state, foreign governments, militaries, and organizations such as the World Bank and UN peacekeeping forces. During this time, he was also a volunteer ambulance driver with the Green Cross in Central America, assisting when able with victims of land mines and other war atrocities; it was also a time during which he first bore witness to the depravities of human slavery.

When not collaborating with her husband, Anne Kazel-Wilcox has played duals roles over the years: For more than a decade, she has been writing travel articles published in outlets such as The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun and Miami Herald, and her features appear regularly in major magazines. Previously, she was also a senior corporate public relations executive handling national and international clients over the course of a 20+ year career, including serving as press spokesperson. In addition, she co-founded a disaster public affairs volunteer effort for the American Red Cross, Palm Beach County chapter and was on its speakers' bureau. She began her business career on Wall Street, having earned a business degree from New York University.

A glance at the pair's other books:
Class of '41 -- A biography of inspiring leaders that came out of the US Military Academy at West Point just prior to the US entering World War II. The book is based on first-hand recollections of surviving class members, following them from cadet days through three wars and into periods of peacetime, while also revealing the groundbreaking innovations they spearheaded that impacted American life from one century into the next.

Smokey Joe & The General -- Anne Kazel-Wilcox served as Editor on this autobiography/ biography by Lt. Gen. (ret.) Edward L. Rowny about his remarkable life journey inspired by eccentric but brilliant General John Wood. The book (available on Amazon) commences just prior to WWII, progressing through unforgettable conflicts including Italy in WWII, Rowny planning the Inchon Invasion into Korea while serving as Gen. MacArthur's spokesperson, experimenting with the world's first armed helicopters in Vietnam, and culminating with Rowny becoming a leading figure, under President Reagan, in the struggle against Communism. The book includes a spirited analysis—perhaps the most detailed comparative ever done—of the commanding styles of Generals Eisenhower, Marshall, MacArthur, Patton, Bradley and Ridgway.

The Red Mole -- The authorized biography of a former double agent spy (Polish intelligence working for the CIA), David Dastych, who tracked illegal arms proliferation and black markets during periods of the Cold War and afterwards.

Unsealed: Islamabad – An explosive, barely fictionalized account of the Pakistan mission of a US covert operative, a Black Op, based on a friend of the Wilcox's. The book, which takes place in 1990, chronicles the intricate black-market web for nuclear materials at that time, and chillingly resembles more recent events that transpired in the hunt for bin Laden.