June 2012 - U.S. Lt Gen and Ambassador (ret.) Ed Rowny honored by WSN Foundation
On behalf of World Security Network, PJ Wilcox and Anne Kazel-Wilcox pen a profile honoring one of the world's top arms control negotiators who pursued "peace through strength" and helped end the Cold War with the Soviets. View some of his “10 Commandments” of negotiating, the finest qualities he saw first-hand among great military leaders, followed by two related interviews that cover modern threats to world stability.

May 2012 - "Space Storms" Cloud Global Security -- UK Parliament Holds Summit to Address International Threats
Space weather didn't much matter before a cyber-world operating off satellites and GPS. Now, the ramifications of space weather are growing rapidly in proportion to our dependence on technology. PJ Wilcox explores why in this fascinating look skyward where solar storms – and man-made weapon equivalents – risk putting societies to a dangerous, grinding halt.

May 2011 - The Antidote for Civilization: Pulse Weaponry Takes the War "Front" to Space
A trailblazing feature purchased by Playboy magazine that relays how electromagnetic pulse weaponry, "the pulse," is moving the frontlines of war into space. From the beginnings of space weaponization in Barbados to the African Congo and more, Antidote follows a tangled web that includes brilliant scientists, mobsters and murder. Winning the high-stakes game of space invaders are the U.S. and Israel. As a U.S. general said while watching the technology being launched via rocket into space. "I can't tell you anything about this.... except it will be helping to fight terrorism. Wait till those goddam assholes get a load of this."

Feb. 2011 - Stuxnet –The Trojan Horse. A Noble Weapon?
Special Headline Feature on World Security Network that exposed the true origins of the Stuxnet computer worm that disabled Iran's nuclear facilities in late 2010. PJ Wilcox's investigation, with Anne Kazel-Wilcox contributing, exposed the blockbuster revelation of this "weapon of peace" that indicated a changed landscape of modern warfare. Appeared in more than 70 publications worldwide.

Aug. 2010 - The Red Mole: Former Russian Double Agent/CIA Operative Reveals All in a World Exclusive
Cover feature on Canada Free Press in which David Dastych, Polish/Soviet intelligence during the Cold War, recounts how he turned to help the West -- the CIA -- fight Communist interests. This exclusive for PJ Wilcox, with Anne Kazel-Wilcox contributing, was the first time Dastych revealed his full story, which included multiple attempts on his life.

Dec. 2009 - An Ignoble Weapon
With the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, Anne Kazel-Wilcox recalls comments of the Nobel Committee's Secretary, promoting the prize as a "protective device" to stave off war.