Welcome to the world of Unsealed.
Be prepared for your views of the world to be turned upside down.

Unsealed Books looks to provide the vivid, no-holds barred stories behind some of the people, places, issues and operations that shape history but that the public rarely hears about because they involve the subversive, the covert, or movers and shakers who prefer to remain in the shadows. Or, in some cases, those involved like a few US Generals say, "I was just doing my job; don't make me out to be a hero."

With Unsealed, nothing is sensationalized, and neither are these books military manuals. Unsealed is about bringing mainstream readers into fascinating, complicated worlds that are heavy on strategy and vision, on negotiating and manipulating, books that are the thinking man's version -- or woman's -- of fast-paced action coupled with mental agility and toughness. And yes, sometimes the books involve the unsavory, but that's the gritty real world about which we write. Unsealed Books bring readers into worlds of grey, where little is black or white, at times presenting the juxtaposition of matters that seem right-side up, but will leave readers unsure as to whether what's up is really down. That's left for the reader to decide.

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